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Why is there such a difference in prices between different companies?

Choosing a company solely on price doesn’t work. The truth is, when we invest wisely, we get what we pay for. Call the cheapest company and you will get a lot of sales talk and not a lot of cleaning. It only makes sense that the cheapest companies have to cut their costs by using cheap cleaning agents’ cheap inferior cleaning equipment and cheap personnel spending as little time as possible cleaning your carpets and upholstery. All Kleencare’s work is fully guaranteed and insured. All our technicians have years and years of experience in the business.

Can I clean the carpet myself?

Of course you can rent a machine from a DIY store but think about it. If those £300 machines you can hire cleaned one tenth as good as the £30,000 worth of equipment that I have, I would never have spent the money. You can end up quite easily ruining your expensive carpets.

I’m confused about which cleaning method to use, everyone says their system is the best?

Many professionals claim to have an exclusive system that only they can use and is the only method that should be used in your house. Consider this, if I invented the world’s best cleaning machine I would sell it to more than one carpet cleaner in each city, I would sell it to every carpet cleaner in the world. That way I would make the most money and do the most good. Be suspicious when someone tells you their method is exclusive. If no one else uses that unique system, it’s maybe because no one else wants it. Most franchises will be tied to a single method as part of their agreement. As an independent family business I use three different systems to get the best result from any situation. Every method has strengths and weaknesses. I feel that a truck mounted hot water cleaning with rotary power extraction is usually the best choice but don’t worry because together we’ll choose what is best for you.

How can I get more for my money?

Point out every spot you are concerned about, if we know what it is, better the chance we can remove it! Prepare your room to be cleaned, clean your skirting boards, remove light furniture and breakables. The better prepared you are, the less there is to distract us from giving you the best clean ever. Put your entry mats on the carpet and I’ll clean them at no extra cost. Never be shy to complain. I want to return to you and be recommended to your friends, so if there is anything you are not happy with please, please ring.


Can you remove all stains?

No, not always, it depends how old they are, what it is and what your carpet is made from. What I can promise is that if Kleencare can’t remove them, no one can! If we think something is impossible, we will be honest and tell you rather than waste your hard earned money and for you to be left disappointed.

Why should I choose Kleencare?

Kleencare is a family operated local business. We are independently owned and operated and not a franchise. This means we are not tied to one cleaning system, so your carpets and upholstery are always cleaned in the most appropriate way. We work to appointments, so you are not wasting your time waiting for us. We have been in business over 25 years now and have thousands of satisfied domestic and commercial customers. It sounds corny but we don’t cut corners we clean them; we always take the time to deliver the best clean ever. You will never be sold anything you have not asked for. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay. I promise you can trust us.


For expert and reliable carpet and upholstery cleaning throughout Staffordshire & Cheshire
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